Replacement Keyboard/Speaker Stand Knobs (Thumbscrews)

These threaded knobs fit Ultimate Support and other keyboard and speaker stands -- any piece of gear that uses a 1/4"-20 threaded knob.  They're made of a durable acetal plastic which resists scratches and damage from dropping.  Don't throw that stand out -- replace the knobs and it'll work like new again!

Note:  These knobs have stainless steel threads, and may strip if overtighted in a standard steel nut.  We supply a matching stainless steel nut, and we highly recommend that you replace the existing nut with the included part.

Set of 2 Black Knobs/Nuts $8.00
  Set of 5 Knobs/Nuts $17.50



Replacement Slider Knobs

Exact replacement knobs for ones used on Mackie, Soundcraft, and other mixers, perfect for replacing missing ones on used gear.  They are useful to swap with some of the one-color set on a mixer to make it easier to find things on stage; ex: use color to define the vocals, or the drums.  Available in black with white stripe, red with white stripe, and white with black stripe.

The knobs are available to fit two shaft styles: 1mm x 8mm (blue border, below) for Alps 100mm faders used on Mackie studio consoles and other equipment; and 1mm x 4mm (red border) for Mackie CR/CFX and Soundcraft mixers with 60mm Alps faders, as well as other brands.  These genuine knobs to match your Mackie CR/SR/CFX mixers are no longer sold in the US.

K-tang (8mm) Knob $1.35
Red          ONLY 1 LEFT
  M-tang (4mm) Knob $1.35



Vintage Korg Synth Knobs

These are genuine Korg knobs from the mid-80s, and will replace broken or missing ones on the PolySix™, MonoPoly™, and Poly 800™ synths, as well as some Korg drum machines/effects.  The are press-on style, designed to fit a splined shaft.

Note:  These knobs are sold individually, not in groups of six.

We are out of the TAN knobs and do NOT expect to get any more.  The grey knobs are still available.

Korg Synth Knob $3.00


IEC Power Cords

These cords have the 3-pin North American plug on one end, and an IEC C13 plug on the other.  C13/C14 plugs are used by Behringer, Digitech, Mackie, Nord, TC Electronic, Vox -- most anyone who still puts the power supply inside their gear.  We sell only two styles of power cords: the longest and shortest ones we can find!  (Hey, you can get a 6-foot cord anywhere.)

Why you NEED a longer power cord --

  • Because there's no such thing as an extension cord that's "long enough."
  • There always seems to be one less outlet on your side of the stage than you need.
  • That power strip in your rack is great, but they always make you put it just a little too far from where you stand.
15 feet long. That's right -- 4-1/2 meters and change!  Chances are, it'll reach from your end of things to whatever you need to plug into.  It's UL approved, and comes in only one color: black -- just to make Henry Ford proud.

$9.00 or 2/$17.00 (+ S/H)

OK, so then why do you need a shorter cord?

  • Connecting gear inside a rack.  Cables are heavy to lug around, and they add to the clutter inside the box.
  • All that stuff sitting on a table in your studio, plugged into an outlet box.

Our Short Power Cord is only three feet long (0,9m).  It's also UL approved, and comes in Mr. Ford's favorite color, just like its big brother.

$4.75 or 3/$13.50 (+ S/H)

So, what's this "Xtra-Short" one for?

Sometimes the gear in your rack is sitting so close to the power strip that it almost doesn't need a power cord.  So, we're offering buyers a choice:  3-foot for those places where the power cord isn't exactly next to the outlet, and 1-foot for when it is.  If you can live with a very short cord, you'll save even more space and weight.

  • That AC adapter that sits on the floor, right next to your power strip. The one that you always trip over, because the cord's in the way.
  • All that stuff sitting on a table in your studio, plugged into an outlet box.
$4.25 or 3/$12.00 (+ S/H)



2-pin Power Cords

We started carrying these power cords as spares for the Ventilator, but heck -- they fit all kinds of other gear, too.  The Virus TI KB uses one.  So do the Nord Electro 3/4 and Stage 2.  The list goes on and on.

You know you're going to break or lose one sometime.  Why not have a spare or two?

Spare 5-foot power cord    $3

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