R E M O T E   P E D A L S

These switches were designed for the original Ventilator, but work with the Ventilator II (Remote setting at 9:00); and the mini-VENT for Organ, if it has our Mini-Remote option.  Our footswitch can be ordered three ways:

122 STYLE:  In a Leslie 122, the Brake Option shorting plug (without the rare and unpopular Brake Accessory) disconnects the Chorale motors, and the Leslie's speed control either selects Chorale and Tremolo with the jumper plug; or Stop and Tremolo without it.  The Brake switch mimics adding and removing that plug.  Tremolo is always Tremolo, and the 'other' setting is either Chorale or Stop.  [BW:  The Ventilator Remote calls this MODE 1.  This is my personal favorite setup for organ.]

760 STYLE:  In later Leslies with a remote switch or preamp, the Stop function overrides the speed switch.  This is how 760 style works.  Stop is always Stop, and the Speed switch controls the speed only when the Ventilator isn't in Stop.  [BW:  The Ventilator Remote calls this MODE 2.]

122 MOMENTARY:  The momentary pedal works the same as 122 style, except that the Speed switch only changes to Tremolo for as long as it is pressed, acting more like a piano sustain pedal.  The Brake switch still selects Stop or Chorale, the setting when the speed switch isn't being pressed.  This style is great for players who tend to use Tremolo speed as an accent.  [BW:  The Ventilator Remote calls this MODE 5.  This is my personal favorite when playing guitar.]  NOTE:  Even though the speed control switch on this special version is momentary, it will still have a tactile 'click' that can be heard and felt when pressed.

These pedals may look like other footswitches, but they're wired differently.  The pedal used in guitar amps for tremolo-reverb or channel-boost will not work with an original Ventilator without rewiring.


  Ventilator Dual Foot Pedal
Control:   122 Style
760 Style
Cable length:       
  Ventilator 122 Momentary Foot Pedal (not shown)
Cable length:       

S P A R E   P O W E R   S U P P L Y

Need an extra power supply for your Ventilator?  (We all forget things at gigs!)  Bought a used Vent that didn't come with the supply?  This rugged replacement switching supply is lightweight, fits nicely in your gear bag or in the back of a rack to give the flexibility to take your Ventilator to all your gigs and recording projects, without having to unplug and coil wires.  Or maybe you just need a spare cable for the one your drummer hit with a falling cymbal?  We sell those, too.

These supplies work with all of the Ventilator models:  the original Ventilator, a.k.a. the 'Vent I'; the mini-VENT (organ and guitar models); the Ventilator II; and the mini-VENT II.

Note:  This power supply is not the same one that ships with the Ventilator.  However, it's of high quality, well oversized for the job, and will not cause hum or damage the Ventilator in any way.  It will also power other devices that need 1.2A or less 12V power, using a center-positive barrel plug (ex:  GSi Burn).


  Ventilator Power Supply + 5-ft power cord    $23

Spare 5-ft power cord only    $3

Prices are quoted in US Dollars (USD) excluding shipping, unless otherwise stated.  MA residents and on-site sales will be charged 6.25% state sales tax.

Rush and international orders should contact Ashby Solutions for instructions when purchasing.


Email us anytime at:   info@ashbysolutions.com

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