E n d   o f   t h e   Y e a r   S a l e


Ashby Solutions is proud to announce that from Monday, 10-Nov-2014 through the end of the year (31-Dec-2014), we are offering a special sale on the Neo Instruments Ventilator II™ and mini-Vent for Organ™.  Call it a Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa sale, call it an early Black Friday sale, call it an end of year sale, or call it "Nancy" -- we don't care!

Here are the details ...

Buy either model at the regular price, and we'll include a FREE backup power supply ($21 value), plus either of the following:

  • Free remote pedal (122, 760, or Single styles -- $33.00 value), or
  • Halfoff on a Halfmoon™ ($45.00 value)

What's the catch?  Only one:  the sale is limited to Ventilator stock on hand.  No rain checks will be given out.

Details are available on the main pages, but we wanted to make certain that you knew about the sale.


Continue to the Neo Ventilator page.


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