H A  L  F  M  O  O  N       S W  I  T  C  H  E  S
Ashby Solutions presents the GIGGER HALFMOON™, a replacement tuned to the needs of the modern gigging tonewheel/clonewheel musician:
  • Rugged diecast aluminum case (tougher than Bakelite, or even ABS)
  • Durable epoxy painted black wrinkle finish looks great, lasts
  • Easily repaired and rewired, includes spare knob
  • USA-made Chorale-Off-Tremolo switch for solid feel and 'click'
  • Mountable with screws, or included VHB™ tape or Velcro® fasteners
  • Removable standard TRS cord for transport (attached cord optional)
  • All cables have metal ends
  • Lower price -- half the price (or less) than competitors!

A    N O T E    T O    C U S T O M E R S  

We have frozen the price of the Gigger Halfmoon for over five years, all while making improvements (better cable and knob, spare knob).  During this time, our costs for every part in the Halfmoon (except one) have continued to rise, as have the shipping costs to deliver those parts.

The price of both the Gigger Halfmoon and demi-Luna will be increasing by a modest $5.00 (US) when the current stock of parts is used up, or December 1, 2019, whichever comes first.  If you have been thinking about buying a Halfmoon, now is a great time to do it!

demi-Luna (tm)            $100
Universal 3-way Halfmoon Switch





Knob:  Black
Cable:  3-foot 'pro' cable, rt-angle metal ends (FREE)
6-foot 'pro' cable, rt-angle metal ends (FREE)
15-foot 'pro' cable, straight metal ends (+$6.00)
25-foot 'pro' cable, straight metal ends (+$10.00)
Works with:    Neo Instruments
Dr. Fishsticks
Keyboard Partner      
Motion Sound
Ventilator, Ventilator II, AS Mini-Remote
XK-3, XK-3c, XK System, XK-1c, SK1, SK2 internal rotary sims
C1/C2/C2D; Electro 3/4/5/6, Stage 2/EX/2EX/3 int. rotary sims
'Cream' pedal
Mojo, Mojo 61 internal rotary sims
2-way and 3-way Leslie® controllers
Burn, DMC-122
HX3 internal rotary sim
CX-3, BX-3 internal rotary sims (with Y cable)
PRO-3/3T/3X, MS-147, R3-147, KBR-3D
G I G G E R  H A L F M O O N ™      $85
Knob:  Black
Cable:  3-foot 'pro' cable, rt-angle metal ends (FREE)
6-foot 'pro' cable, rt-angle metal ends (FREE)
15-foot 'pro' cable, straight metal ends (+$6.00)
25-foot 'pro' cable, straight metal ends (+$10.00)
Works with:    Neo Instruments    
Ventilator, Ventilator II, AS Mini-Remote
XK-3, XK-3c, XK-1c, SK1, SK2 internal rotary sims
C1, C2, C2D, Electro 5, 6, Stage 3 (Compact ONLY) internal sims ++
'Cream' pedal
++  Also supports the Nord Electro 3/4 and Stage EX/2 in 'hold' mode, but the Off position is not functional.
L I M I T E D  E D I T I O N  2 - W A Y  H A L F M O O N

We have a small number of Gigger 2-Way Halfmoons (Chorale-Tremolo, no Off) available as a special order item.

Please contact Ashby Solutions for details.


Spare Knobs    
Replace the one you lost when you got carried away during a solo.

  Now available in white (see photo on right).

  Size:    1 knob     $2     Pack of 3     $5             
  Color:    Black     White               
Spare Case Screws    $2
We ship four of them with the demi-Luna, but if you change gear a lot and misplace things (or are really dangerous with Philips screwdriver!) you might want to order more.  Black zinc plated to match the case, sold as a pack of six (6).
Parts/Mounting Kit #1     $5

This kit is for anyone converting our Halfmoon into a permanent installation -- for a church or stadium, for instance.
  • Mounting screws for the case
  • Strain relief for permanent cable attachment
  • Extra knob and case screws


Parts/Mounting Kit #2     $5

This kit is for use when neither the VHB tape nor Velcro are acceptable options to the player -- if the keyboard's road case is too small to permanently mount the Halfmoon, for example.
  • (4) strips of 3M Dual Lock® to mount the Halfmoon
  • (2) strips of Dual Lock for mounting to a 2nd keyboard, or for later
  • Extra knob

Not ready to order yet?  Jump back here using  HALFMOON-SWITCH.COM  when you are!

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